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Easter Egg Hunts and Tooth Aches: 5 Things You Should Do to Protect Your Children’s Teeth this Easter

April 17, 2019

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Easter is right around the corner! And as a parent, you know your kid is looking forward to finding some choice Easter eggs.

While the significance of Easter may hold a different meaning for adults, for a child, it’s all about fun, family, and a hefty chocolate egg that they’ll try their best to eat in one day!

And therein lies the issue!

Like many other festive holidays, Easter paves the way for weeks of emergency dental appointments, complaints about cavities, and a funny feeling in your kid’s molars.

So how do you avoid this dental dilemma? Simple, you follow a dentist’s advice!

1. Know Your Sweets

While a KitKat once in a while won’t hurt anyone, a complete Easter egg made from chocolate, along with caramels, Marshmallow Peeps, and jelly beans will wreak havoc. The sticky sweetness will not only ruin your enamel, but it’ll also cause cavities and toothaches.

Instead of going for your signature chocolate and candy this season, make chocolate treats at home using dark chocolate, monk fruit, coconut sugar, and real eggs so your child actually benefits from what they eat.

2. Make Time for Snacking

Instead of letting them munching on candy throughout the day, store it away and tell them that they can have one piece of candy after dinner. If they insist (read: throw a tantrum), give them a couple of pieces or give them a homemade sweet treat so they’re satisfied. Store their candy in a visible high spot so they know that it’s still there. There’s just a time and a place when it should be eaten.

3. Practice Rinsing

Children’s Teeth

We recommend that you rinse their mouth with normal-temperature water, instead of brushing their teeth right after a meal. This is because the enamel on our teeth is softer after we eat. So brushing will cause damage. Instead, after your child has had their sweets, tell them to rinse their mouth with plain water so the saliva can restore the pH level of their mouth.

4. Keep Drinking Water

Often, when you feel like you’re hungry, you’re actually just thirsty. So keep a bottle of water beside you at all times when your child is indulging in their Easter egg hunt. A good gulp of water will not only fill their stomach and keep them hydrated, but it’ll also make them less likely to want to munch down on chocolate eggs later.

5. Visit a Dentist

Better safe than sorry!

Even after you’ve followed our guidelines, it’s still best to book an appointment with your trusted dentist so they can give your kid’s teeth an once-over. If there’s any sign of plaque build-up or cavities, having these problems nipped in the bud now will save you from a hefty dental bill later.

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